LLM Tagging Machines

Tagging Machines: LLM

LLM Tagging MachinesAutomatic tagging machines for garments, socks, towels, etc. Designed and manufactured by MDM, Inc. in our plant in Archdale, NC and formally sold as the Brother International MAT® tagging machine, and sold by our distributors.

Increase Efficiency with Multiple Automated Tagging

Our new generation LLM Tagging Machine, the easiest to use multiple automatic tagging machine with self adjusting magazine, ergonomic tilt table, universal maximum tag capacity feeders and operator work space. Flip a toggle switch for 1, 2, or 3 tag application.

Multiple Automated Tagging

  • Automatically feeds & attaches up to 3 different style and/or size tags to product simultaneously
  • Immediately reduces the cost of your hang tagging operation
  • Immediately improves the quality of your tagging operation
  • Guaranteed performance



Automatic tagging machine using the new Fastach 101 loop fastening system used to attach tags to eye glasses, tools, belts, and other products.