Finishing and Packaging Machines

Finishing and Packaging Machines


MDM Incorporated is closed and I, Paul Benson of Benson Machining, have taken over the business as Benson Machining LLC as I worked for MDM for over 18 years. I want to support all of my previous customers as well as new ones.

We are the world leader in tag attaching machinery with over 25 years experience. We also work very closely with Avery Dennison™ on new products that they introduce to the textile industry such as the new Elastic Staple™ system for packaging socks, towels, door mats, cloth swatch samples, toys, tools or anything else that can be attached to display cards, riders or header cards.

Our machines are known around the world for quality, durability, versatility, and flexibility.

The companies listed below use our machines:

Company Name Machine Type
Sara Lee Intimate Apparel Over 120 LLM II automatic tagging
Liberty Embroidery Over 40 LLM I and LLM II automatic
tagging machines
Kentucky Derby Hosiery 8 SNS II Elastic Staple™ machines
Kentucky Derby Hosiery 38 boarding machines
Neuville Industry Over 10 special power swift-tach
Gold Toe Brands SNS V and other power swift-tach


Industries Served:

Hosiery, Garment, Intimate Apparel, Car Mat, Entrance Mat, Towel, Oven Mitt, Pot Holders, Shoe, Dress Tie, Plant Nursery, Non-Slip product, Cloth Swatch, Narrow Fabric, eye glasses, tool, clothing belts